Leah's Farm Paint and Play

Leah's Farm Paint and Play 10.1

Leah's Farm Paint and Play allows kids to color cute drawings and solve puzzles
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Leah's Farm Paint and Play is a nice application that allows kids to color cute drawings and solve lovely puzzles with animals from the farm. The puzzles only include six pieces and sadly, they cannot be customized in any form. They have a background image for guidance and kids just have to drag the pieces and put them in the correct places. There are multiple images to choose from and they all have a farm theme. As for the paint feature, there are lots of cute drawings to choose from and the kid must select the color from a big palette and click on the drawing to color it. The drawings can be saved, printed or cleared, in case if you want to start painting from scratch.

The application is also educational as the names of everything are constantly repeated, so kids can learn how to name the colors, animals and other farming objects. The program is run in full screen, and it features a colorful and attractive user interface,that is very easy to use for kids. It also has good sounds and a pleasant country music. The demo version will only let you run the application five times.

In short, if you are looking for a cute coloring application which also includes puzzles, Leah's Farm Paint and Play may be an excellent choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely drawings to paint
  • Includes cute puzzles
  • Great sounds and nice music
  • Affordable


  • Puzzles cannot be customized
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